As a part of my effort to de-platform and to move to a more open and a less billionaire owned (because reasons) way to control my data, while also not siloing myself into a Wordpress shaped hole in the wall, I've moved in to the fediverse.


blog.sus.fr (previously blog.om.gay) was the original project to move away from platforms like LiveJournal, Tumblr, and Wordpress. Admittedly Plume has been slow on development and it was fraught with problems to be solved, but having tried WriteFreely, Plume had exactly what I wanted and does it very well.


pixel.sus.fr trying to avoid using LiveJournal Scrapbook or Flickr1 I bought a licence for Chevereto (which is still running on photos.om.gay) to host my image galleries. It does the job, but the ability to share isn't quite there. Pixelfed is a better solution since I do less of big galleries and more Instagram style photo bombings and being able to federate my photos out is what I'm looking for.


book.sus.fr I've wanted to get a copy of Bookwyrm running for some time, while I'm not a super avid reader, I have been using Goodreads2 and Storygraph to put my thoughts of books I've read up and also get ideas of what to read next (which is how I got in to the Murderbot series)


tv.sus.fr I wanted to upload some videos and I thought peertube would be great to try. So I did and now I have tv sus

  1. Flickr is now owned independantly, but we will never forget the Yahoo! / Verizon period. With American capitalism you never know when another 666apart moment will strike ↩︎

  2. This is now an Amazon property and it'll only be a matter of time before it gets closed down ↩︎