Since the mid 90s I've had some form of online community, I run a BBS and I've ran various ones in various places like Durand's CommunityWare and forums littered here and there.

Now I'm bringing them under the world famous1 mega hyper brand2.


SIX (formerly MMN and for a short period Federal Telephone) is an online BBS running in Toronto since 1996, just before the internet became massive, we currently offer free email, USENET, file downloads and external IRC, FTP and Telnet to our verified users.


news.sus is a web forum but intertwined with the text only services of

Shared Plume Instance β

An instance of Plume for the Internet users of Paris and Île de France, in spirit or who suffered from the hell of the line 13 at some point in their life.

The Palace

A small unkempt Palace server on a shelf that needs more love

  1. according to me, a reliable source on this subject ↩︎

  2. this is pure sarcasm, people are not brands, and brands are evil corporate exploiters killing our planet to sell the same product under 97 different names to give the illusion of choice - it is in fact, a technical decision ↩︎